Academic Reports Written in full by Art Madsen, M.Ed. / Several Hundred Pages of Material from 2000, 2001, and 2002

Transnational Research Associates

Journal Article Analysis: Business Process Reengineering

Based on a professional journal article, this report is essentially a brief analytical overview of the interaction of Information Technology (IT) in conjunction with BPR, a managerial and production paradigm quite popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Combined, however, with IT, BPR has new ramifications for emerging industries.

A Comprehensive Health Profile of the Arab Republic of Egypt

An extensive 18-page portrayal of major health care trends in the public and private sectors of Egyptian society. This paper includes a broadly conceived analysis of the primary causes of death and illness in Egypt and relates these severe public health problems to structural mechanisms in place, now and in the past, to cope with on-going elevated risks of diseases such as schistosomiasis and bilharzia in rural and urban areas. Charts and graphs supplement the descriptive content.

Unique Problems Associated with Eritrean Women's Health

A brief 7 page survey of the most significant socio-cultural dilemmas confronting Eritrean Women. In spite of the activities of Women's Rights groups, these massive social problems, rooted in historical and ancestral customs, have adversely impacted the health of women in all age brackets throughout post-revolutionary Eritrea. Recommendations for change are offered.

All Quiet on the Western Front

A concise, historically focused analysis of major themes in E.M. Remarque's most famous World War I anti-war novel.

Analysis of the Cash-Flow Dynamics of America Mineral Fields, Inc.

An eleven page overview of the relatively tumultuous fiscal status and cashflow dynamics of a multinational mining firm, based in Canada, the UK and the USA, with highly speculative mining exploration and development operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Angola, Brazil and other nations.

The Prophet Muhammad and Legitimization of the Modern Islamic State

This 10-page scholarly analysis of the major role of The Prophet Muhammad, through His Revelations and Writings, in the justification of the Islamic State, whether ancient or contemporary, is supported by research material and authentic historical sources.

Oil and Gas Industry: Full Cost and Successful Efforts Accounting

A serious analysis of ten professional accountants and their impressions of the relative merits of "Full Cost Accounting" and "Successful Efforts Methodology" in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Communication Proficiency and Reduction in Force

A brief three page synopsis dealing with the vital need for effective, on-going communication during an industrial "reduction in workforce".

Cassette Player Assembly Notes & Ferromagnetic Theory

A brief electrical engineering report containing Lab Notes on assembly of a simple audio cassette player and explanatory material pertaining to electro and ferro magnetic theory.

A Health Profile of Eritrea in the Horn of East Africa

A 17 page report with voluminous references outlining the historical development and current status of Eritrea's Health Care Infrastructure, with data and statistics on prevalence of leading diseases and health risks, notably malaria, HIV, and gastro-intestinal ailments.

Concise Argument in Favor of U.S. District Court Judge Penfield’s Ruling Against Microsoft Corporation

Analysis of Sections 1 and 2 of the Sherman Act in relation to the May 1998 Microsoft Antitrust Suit, and a brief defense of Judge Penfield's District Court Decision in favor of the Dept. of Justice.

Share Price Valuation: An Explanatory Analysis of Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines

This is an 11 page financial analysis of the dynamics of corporate share valuation with emphasis on the U.S. domestic airline industry.

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Approximately Seventy Ultra-New Research Papers completed from Winter 2000 through Spring 2002

The Viability of Democracy in Business Organizations
Chopin's Polonaise in A, "The Military"
Electronic Commerce: Value Analysis, Quality Issues, and Internet Security Concerns / E-Bay: A Case Study
Capabilities Based Marketing and Anglo-American Gem Distributors, Ltd.
Bach's Mass in B Minor
Labor Strikes Early in the Twentieth Century
Lion Wireless/SW Texas State University
Gershwin's Concerto in F, "An American in Paris"
Three Macro-Economic Test Essays: (1) Federal Reserve Role, (2) Bretton Woods and Thereafter, (3) Crash of 1987 & Recessions of the 70s and 90s
Christian Ritualistic Practice: Death, Descent and Triumphal Rebirth
Navajo Education on the Four Corners Reservation
Health Program Planning: Female Circumcision in Eritrea
The Case of River Phoenix
The Employment Interview/ An 11 Minute Class Presentation
Two Critical Elements of Linguistics: Structure and Meaning
Hazardous Contamination at the McAnally Enterprises Egg Production Facility in Berino, New Mexico
Native-American Economic Development Initiatives
The Green Party's Universal Health Plan
Mozart's Symphony in C Major, "The Jupiter"
Concise Engineering Ethics Case Analysis
A Concise Epidemiological Profile of Malaria in Eritrea
A Stakeholder Analysis of Aramco Corporation's Southern Area Project Department
Pit Latrines in Tsaedakristian (Eritrea)
The Dynamics of Competitive Advantage
Poetic Analysis of Robert Frost
Addictive Behaviors Are Not a Matter of Personal Choice
A Concise NAFTA-Related Annotated Bibliography
Internet Security
Tech Writing Sample: Repair & Replacement Procedures for Tape Deck Assembly
Implementing Western Riparian Management
Nokia's Strategic Initiatives and Dynamic Entrepreneurial Posture
Petrarch's Canzone 267
AIDS Medications in the Third World
The Ever-Spiraling Crisis in Unauthorized Technology Transfer
Islamic Marital Traditions
Direct Memory Access
Max Munga Mibindu: Career Profile in French
HIV/AIDS in New Mexico
Miscellaneous Impressions of Homer, Sophocles and Ovid
Laffer, Stockman, Reich and Greenspan
The Impact of Transactional Analysis on My Life
Case Analysis: How to Run A Police Department
The Institute of Business Ethics
The Pathological Thoughts of John Hinckley
The Environmental Advantages of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Pretreatment Technology
The Powerful Theme of Self-Sacrificial Death with Honor in Aphra Behn's Oroonoko
Ben and Jerry's
Mother Theresa: A Concise Leadership Profile
Christine de Pizan: A Woman for All Time
The Case of "Nove Ltd": Standardization or Customization of Global Advertising
Population Demographics
Strategy Development and Implementation Case Study
Internally Integrating the Group Through Distribution of Power and Assignment of Status
Andrew Meikle, 1719-1811, Inventor of the “Spring Sail”
The Iliad: General Observations
Pipe Flow Pressure Loss
The Psychological Impact of Culture Shock (An Eritrean's Impressions of America)
Rosalind, the Gender-Sensitive Fulcrum Around Which As You Like it Revolves
M.Sc. Level Systems Engineering Assignment
Affective Relationship Organizations
150 Pages of Previously Unposted Papers

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