Lion Wireless, Inc. / Southwest Texas State University

Partnership Proposal

We are highly honored to submit the present document furnishing details of our Partnership Proposal designed to provide valuable empirical, experiential, technical and financial services to Southwest Texas State University students.

In exchange for the privilege of implementing, on the campus of SWTS, the wireless phone sales program described below, Lion Wireless, Inc. will extend a generous package of tangible benefits to SWTS students, inclusive of the following features:

The partnership program we propose will tangibly benefit all contracting parties: (1) the Student Body as a whole and individually, (2) the University, and (3) Lion Wireless.

Benefits Anticipated

In addition to the Scholarship Fund to be established as a function of net sales on campus, there are numerous advantages of establishing a Lion Wireless partnership program on campus. Some of the prominent benefits to be enjoyed directly by the campus community are:

Policy Statement

Under our Partnership Proposal the University will be shielded from any and all liability for non-fulfillment of contracts signed on campus. Further, Lion Wireless will commit to a long-term arrangement with SWTS, thus ensuring a permanent and reliable presence to serve students.

As a reliable provider of telecommunications and wireless devices, Lion Wireless is firmly established with headquarters in San Antonio and is conveniently located to work on an on-going basis with all parties to the Partnership Proposal.

It is the intent of Lion Wireless, as a solidly financed company, to engage in a long-term, mutually advantageous relationship with the University. Indeed, it is to the credit of SWTS to enjoy the presence of a stable and reliable service provider on campus, just as it is potentially beneficial for Lion Wireless to maintain convenient access to a large customer base.

By agreeing to an Exclusivity Clause, the University, Lion Wireless and the Students will maximize all benefits accruing under this Proposal, inclusive of the Scholarship Fund, the Preferential Discount Program, as well as the Internship, Employment, and F-1 Visa Features of this program.

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