Academic Reports Written in full by Art Madsen, M.Ed. / September - October 1999 / 97 Pages

Transnational Research Associates

Kafka, Angelou, Derrida, Foucault and Plath: An Excursion into Alienation, Modernism and Post-Modernism

This is a 12 page analysis of the authors cited in the title. The essay is largely focused on post-modernism as a major literary and social force in American life, with implications for Europe as well. The socially impactful potential of the writings of Maya Angelou are discussed in particular depth, as are the disturbing notions raised in Kafka's The Metamorphosis. With special reference to the works of Angelou and Kafka, certain comparisons are made and parallels are drawn.

The Systemic Nature of Total Quality Management

A 12-page graduate level essay concerning the advantages of TQM in contemporary industrial settings. The paper argues that shallow criticisms of TQM's "faddish" nature are groundless. Seven scholarly references and many APA-style citations.

The Psychological Impact of Culture Shock

A brief 4 page essay, prepared in 2 hours, concerning Culture Shock upon arrival in America from the East African nation of Eritrea.

Field Trip to White Sands, Alamogordo, Tularosa and the Sacramento Mountains (New Mexico)

This four page descriptive "wildlife and environmental field trip" summary includes insights into the flora and fauna of Southern New Mexico and refers to the wide variety of desert and riparian habitats of several species commonly found in this area. Specific reference is made to U.S. Forestry Service personnel, Fish and Game Rangers and New Mexico State University wildlife faculty.

Endodontics as a Professional Career

A formal letter of application to a Graduate School of Dentistry in the United States, redrafted from an original memorandum forwarded to Transnational from California. This letter would be of special interest to prospective medical and/or dental students seeking admission to Undergraduate, Graduate or Post-Doctoral Programs in General Dentistry or Endodontics.

Letter from San Diego

This is a five page sample of witty, somewhat off-color correspondence between a San Diego Dentist and a New Mexico Researcher (names are removed from this authentic exchange), representing insights from two persons combining eight university degrees, several foreign languages, and a total of 118 years of professional life experience in a vast range of countries and cultures. All packaged in colorful HTML coding with photo support.

Plutarch's Caesar

A brief analysis of Plutarch's depiction of Julius Caesar, researched and written in about one hour for an undergraduate student.

The American Dream

A simple essay, prepared on behalf of a foreign student for submittal to an undergraduate English class. This straightforward report outlines the history of "The American Dream", tracing major events in America's socio-economic development, defines the dream, and concludes with the hope that the Howard Hughes and Donald Trumps of this country do not destroy the American Dream for others.

Proposed Project Topic: Goodyear Tire Reliability

Two-Page summary of a graduate-level research project proposal related principally to consumer product reliability. The design proposed involves compilation of data for 8 popular tire-models and a computational mechanism for establishing the relative reliability of each in relation to retail price.

Our Planet's Life-Sustaining Seasons

A concise 4.5 page essay, prepared rapidly in 90 minutes, which describes the four seasons of North America and the two seasons of Saharan and Equatorial Africa in relation to man's 'interrelatedness' with his environment; the essay places emphasis on seasonal changes and man's adaptability.

Internal Memorandum

The original three-page synopsis of events and strategies pertaining to the Southern Sudan was briefly researched and composed in about 2 hours for a private client on the basis of his personal 'content-preferences'. This first Memo has been recently updated (02/2001) to include several responses to Pro-Independence members of SSNET, the Sudanese E-Mail Server List.

A Mock Community Health Newsletter

A simple health newsletter, prepared on behalf of a foreign student for submittal to an undergraduate Community Health class. The information is fictitious and the assignment was only for purposes of preparing an on-line newsletter in either HTML or in Microsoft Publisher 98. About 90 minutes were spent preparing this item.

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