After three rewarding years of general practice, the timing seems appropriate to pursue endodontics as my advanced specialty program. The wide variety of surgical and non-surgical endodontic techniques is especially intriguing to me, as is the professional interaction of an endodontist with other specialties such as periodontics, orthodontics and prosthodontics.

In my present practice, I have encountered a wide range of traumatic cases involving complicated measures to save teeth and supporting structures. Endodontists and other specialists were clearly indispensable in ensuring that these teeth were restored. Having observed the pivotal role of endodontics in dentistry, I definitely want to be a part of the team that can make this happen.

Additionally, participation in a series of hands-on training sessions has afforded me an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insight into the primary procedures of endodontics and has further strengthened my professional commitment to become an endodontist.

Upon graduation from dental school, my clinical experience began in a community outreach program. I was able to provide basic dental health care to many indigent families. This led me to organize dental education programs which included (1) instruction in the prevention of nursing bottle caries, (2) improving oral hygiene through good oral habits and proper nutrition, and (3) explaining the role of deciduous teeth in the eruption of succedaneous teeth. These programs were designed and implemented to emphasize the significance of teeth in overall health.

By 1993, my initial experience and knowledge-base prompted a decision to venture out of my native country, the Philippines. It was a long and arduous road for me until I ultimately earned my License to practice dentistry in the State of California three years later. During those first years, I worked as a dental assistant while studying and preparing for the National Board and California State Dental Board Examinations. I was fortunate to work with doctors who had specialties in various fields. This experience broadened and enriched my perspective and life goals. It was while assisting an endodontist that I was inspired by recent innovations and changing technology in root canal therapy. Such initial exposure to new endodontic methods encouraged me to explore different techniques for providing specialized treatment in future cases requiring endodontic intervention.

One of my principal goals in pursuing an endodontic specialty is to further enhance my knowledge by pursuing advanced studies in the applicable clinical and biological sciences. Another objective is to increase my proficiency in clinical diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of both complicated and uncomplicated cases through proficient and proper use of surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Further, I would like to participate in Emergency Care of dental trauma patients, and related cases, in order to familiarize myself with a wide variety of clinical situations. Another interest on my part is the pursuit of research work, perhaps based in large part on my clinical experience and expertise. Research is clearly an excellent tool for gathering new information that can improve the diagnosis and treatment of endodontics cases, as well as the development of new materials and equipment for the efficient delivery of endodontic treatments.

Throughout my education and career, I have been exposed to excellent instructors and mentors who have broadened and deepened my learning experiences in the various sub-specialities of dentistry. My pursuit of the field of endodontics represents a vital step toward fulfilling my aspirations of becoming a specialist.

With enhanced skills and experience, acquired particularly throughout this program, I would like to teach and collaborate with other health care professionals and I would do so for the ultimate betterment of society through the delivery of quality dental health care.

Transnational Research Associates