Hi Art!

Hi Lyn!

Must be fall!

Definitely is! We have hoar frost on the leaves in Las Cruces at 2AM!

1. My old girl friend Jane, just back from a month in Morocco. We spent 6 hours reviewing her trip. She is amazing!

Morocco is one of the most attractive of the Maghrebian Nations, and accessible,too. The new King, Mohammed, is a refined and merciful monarch who has made many gestures of peace to his opposition elements.

Where did your former girlfriend go? Agadir? Beautiful golf course there, abutting the ocean with majestic cliffs down to the crashing surf!

She wants me to take one of her apartments, for $500.00 (usually $900.00), and to collect the rents.

By all means, be sure to take her apartment...then (as I trapse into San Diego with my tail between my legs one of these days) I can stay for at least one night in luxury before hitting the Rescue Mission! *smile*

2. A woman artist called. Rachelle, our former receptionist, told her to call me (probably wants to get laid). Wants coffee date.

The artist may be more interested in your sapphires and emeralds! Of course, you ARE a handsome charmer and always have been the potential seducer in the office with your Monica jokes: "Let's play President. I'll be the President!" *laughing*! So I can understand why Rachelle referred the artist to you!

3. Dr. C., had a great time with my friend John P., in Berkeley. Wants to have lunch.

So where are we with this scenario? I assume that the editorship post "created" for preparing his most recent manuscript has either evaporated or been assigned to someone else. He apparently went to Berkeley and not to Las Cruces this month as originally planned! I missed your phone-message due to my Eritrean roommates, and never was able to follow up on the (distinct) possibility of working with him.

Well, C.'s preference for Berkeley is understandable. I, too, personally prefer Telegraph Avenue to West Amador!

4. Old patient wants to cook me dinner. Told me how great she is sexually. I'm scared!

You are justifiably scared...the crude, direct approach virtually guarantees a good case of V.D.! *smile* She's doubtless a welfare case anyway, and clearly out of your class!

5. Yesterday, Joe H., old classmate and roommate called. Millionaire. Inspired by my trips to Thailand, went to Thailand, and married wife #4. Now 6 years. Still o.k. He wants me to visit him in Sausalito (has 2 million dollar house overlooking Sausalito Bay, etc.).

Wow! I'm impressed. My only millionnaire friend is living in Southern France (Langue d'Oc-Roussillon). I should call him and arrange a brief trip. I think he would invite me, too.

Lyn, you should definitely take advantage of these old acquaintanceships -- they could lead to a new dental office or a new career perspective of some sort! I would do the same if in your shoes.

As it is, I have the possibility of going to the Central African Republic with U.S. Army Intelligence, and not much else at the moment!

Last time I saw him, was on the way back from Thailand. I was on my hands and knees, in the Bangkok airport, throwing up, in to a plastic bag (no time to find bathroom). Joe was very supportive. Got on plane, and threw up again, on take off (food poisoning from the night before, Swiss restaurant, in Bangkok (100 yards from "Soi Cowboy")).

Sounds like you truly understand Thailand!

6. Yesterday I got a cute card, and much detail, from John S., another classmate. We met in 1965, over a female corpse. In anatomy class, 2 persons to a corpse. S. and S. Much history! My ex-wife and kids lived with him. Probably caused his first divorce. He just married #4. Retired as State prison dentist, and just got a job as Federal prison dentist. He is trying to get me a job in a Federal prison.

Gee...Lyn...he may be a good friend, but the whole relationship sounds a little "macabre" to me! I would much rather see you, financed in a plush office in PHUKET with funds from your Sausalito friend, than in a Federal Prison curing chronic periodontitis and gingivitis among homo-erotically inclined prisoners!

7. Today, big surprise! Alan P. called from San Jose. Working for Intel, and still an engineering student, at San Jose State.

Now, there's a town I could enjoy again. And my old Alma Mater (almost). I spent three years as an undergraduate at SJSU...and then transferred my credits to British Columbia, as you recall, for the Canadian Honours B.A. instead. But I miss San Jose in some ways, although it had a "backdoor to S.F." reputation in the 1960s which it has never quite shed.

One of the best gem cutters in the U.S. Did hold record for the largest gem in the world--a 38,000 carat Topaz. I saw it. Football size.

Wow! He must have had the patience of JOB to cut the thing! But what a show-stopper! It probably dazzles everyone who sees it. Your stories remind me of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Tiara which I saw (on Her Majesty's head) in New Brunswick (1976) at UNB, when I was a graduate student in Fredericton. The tiara caught the sunlight in ways I'll never forget! Magnifying the sun's rays 1000 fold...total momentary blindness...refraction index astronomical!

With a Baja sphene (which I got in Mexicali, from a Mexican miner) he cut for me, I won first prize, in my class, in the Del Mar Fair.

Ah! The Del Mar Fair! Thank you so much for the FUN DAY we had! Did your gem entry even out-impress those who also saw Grandma's Prize Sow? *smile*

Alan wants me to visit. Tons of things to discuss.

He sounds like the intellectual's intellectual. *jealous*

8. Richard H., author of the best book on Ruby and Sapphire, and a phenomenal gem expert, is now in San Diego County, and wants me to visit him. He was in charge of the most prominent gem lab in Bangkok, and married a Thai girl.

Gosh! No one seems to emerge from Bangkok unmarried! I can well understand, I have a few Thai friends myself!*smile*

9. David A. e-mailed, with good ideas, and encouragement, for my overdue move. David, and his place, have been my Cape Canaveral, on several occasions.

As opposed to your Cape Kennedy? Is this the David of Hillcrest fame? A little confused as to the Canaveral reference, other than realizing that David 'catapults' you into new orbits occasionally! And where would you be moving, if he had his way?

10. Dr. G. just completed his new Dental office, and we had a great time lounging in his attractive office last Friday night. We periodically have dinner, and, an excellent time.

Wow! Another salt-water aquarium, I bet, with clown fish and sea anenomes, in the waiting room! *smile* How much does it take to set up a complete dental clinic (including the pivoting X-RAY machine *cringe*)?

11. ETC.

It's OK! You have talked about lots of stuff already!

The problem: little time!

Ditto! But I sure took the time to customize my response! Do you like the visual impact? *smile*

Cheers! Lyn

Cheerio! Art

P.S. Plus, I am still studying much, and, struggling, with the problems of a complicated website.

Yes, I know the feeling! I'm going on 1300 pages with my summer production included...just like you! We simply have different areas of expertise.

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