Academic Reports Written in full by Art Madsen, M.Ed. / July - August 1999 / 89 Pages

Transnational Research Associates

Managerial Models: A Progressive Synthesis

A formal study with 30 citations, 12 references and extensive commentary on late 19th Century American Industrial Management Models as they progressed to produce the current Integrative Systems approach. Completed in three days for an overseas client.

Industrial Espionage: Strategic Implications in an Age of Crime and Competition

This 34 page paper contains more than 30 references and describes the prevailing atmosphere in the U.S. and abroad in the undercover world of corporate espionage and intelligence gathering.

Industrial Management Project

This summary proposes investigation of the inter-relationship between two major hospitals in Boston and their respective purchase-contract policies. The project proposal was designed and summarized in a three day period, in conjunction with the Graduate Student responsible for its ultimate presentation.

Inter-Office Memorandum

Completed on an overnight basis for a Summer Session Industrial Economics Graduate Seminar.

Shelby Steele

An undergraduate analysis of a brief essay entitled "The Recomposed Self" by Shelby Steele, renowned Black American Author and Social Critic; completed in one hour and a half.

Chapter Summaries: Formal Argumentation

Six pages of Chapter Summaries related to the rules of Formal Debate and Argumentation for an undergraduate English class. Completed in about 3 hours.

Pesticide-Contaminated Baby-Food

Completed in two one-hour instructional and editing sessions, with research materials partially provided by the undergraduate student-client.

Vercors: Psychologue Amateur et Ecrivain Chevronne

A Fourth Year High School French Composition, corrected, expanded, and slightly upgraded. Revised in one hour, this literary critique explores the psychological impact of Vercor's Le Silence de la Mer on both the reader and the central characters within the novel.

Hypothetical Industrial Case Study: A Brief Review of Production Strategies & Options

Prepared in two days for a graduate level seminar in Industrial Management. This is not a particularly smooth-reading analysis since raw statistical data 'artifically injected' were called for, as part of the assignment, by the professor, a professional accountant.

Activity Based Management vs. Total Quality Management

This graduate managerial accounting assignment was completed in about 3 hours, and deals with analysis of the Quinnipiac College Target Costing website with reference, as well, to an Ansari Text Module concerning the same subject matter. The website is found to be impactful, but relatively shallow, whereas the standard Ansari text-based approach is thought more didactic and instructionally effective.

A Concise History and Description of Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

Completed for an overseas client, this report covers the history of personnel management theory in France, Britain and the U.S., and provides a comparative description of classic 'personnel management' and modern 'human resource management'. It contains 13 references and 15 intra-textual citations. The link above leads to a STRUCTURAL OUTLINE of the paper, and a subsidiary link provides access to the full 10 page paper itself.

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