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Written on behalf of a paying student-client

Muhammad, Messenger of Allah

There have been many useless attempts to discredit the major religions of the world by scholars and academicians. These scientists and professors often feel convinced that the laws of science contradict the teachings of the world's greatest Prophets and Holy Men. Not only are the prominent figures of Christianity criticized by some members of the scientific community, but also those of Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

I am of the Islamic Faith and believe solemnly in the authenticity of the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad who delivered the message of Allah to all of humanity for all of time.

It is encouraging to see that, in spite of the criticisms of our Faith by misguided and misinformed scholars, there are many prominent scientists who are courageous and wise enough to step forward and announce to the entire academic community their support for the Holy Revelations of our Prophet Muhammad.

One such scientist is Professor Keith Moore, who teaches anatomy and embryology at the University of Toronto, considered Canada's most prestigious university. He has verified statements from the Holy Qur'aan, and has authenticated the transmission of knowledge to man by Muhammad from Allah, by pointing out the scientific correctness of many facts in the Holy Qur'aan that were much later proven to be true. For example, the Holy Qur'aan's knowledge in the field of human development, he confirms, was not discovered until many centuries later by the scientific community.

This proves to Professor Moore that Muhammad was the True Messenger of Allah. And he has stated this fact publicly. Fortunately, we have many highly respected professors, like Professor Moore, who are supportive of Islam and other major Faiths.