Academic Reports Written in full by Art Madsen, M.Ed. / May - June 1999 / Total: 85 pages

Transnational Research Associates

U.S. Airways: Successful Redesigning, Restructuring, and Reorganizing

This financial and strategic analysis was completed under pressure on an overnight basis, with a 5PM deadline the next day. It was researched and written for a Master's Level Management Summer Course.

Legitimate Price Leadership versus Conspiratorial Price-Fixing on the Internet

This study of Price Fixing on the Internet was completed in less than two days for a Graduate Economics Class.

Strategic Decision-Making and Tactical Planning

A brief homework assignment outlining basic concepts related to these two managerial skills. Completed in an hour for a same-day deadline.

HAMAS after the Gulf War

This brief assessment of HAMAS was written on behalf of a Middle Eastern Student who requested a history of this organization, a tentative definition of terrorism, a description of the internal structure of HAMAS, and an evaluation of the "new" HAMAS approach to peace in the Middle East. It is long-outdated by current events, but contains valuable information, still accurate, on the inner-workings of HAMAS.

Venture Capital, High-Tech Industries, and the New Millennium

This 32+ page research project was researched, written, edited and prepared for presentation, with References and APA citations, at the Graduate Level from June 1 to June 17, 1999.

U.S. Media Misrepresentation of Arab People and Customs: Consequences and Solutions

This analysis of US Media coverage of Arab Issues was hastily written in two and a half hours under adverse (public lab) conditions for an emergency summer session 5PM same-day deadline.

Environmental Benefit Analysis

This three-part, fairly detailed environmental analysis, with 12 references and APA style, was completed on an overnight basis, under pressure and with poor instructions from the student-client as to what the instructor seemed to require.

13 Industrial Management Test Questions

13 Test Questions & Answers researched and compiled, over a two day period, in preparation for an examination.

Globalization / Harvard Business Review Critique

This 9 page critique reviews Harvard Professor Levitt's famous marketing article on Globalization of Industry; it was completed in two days on a "priority" basis.

Seven Marketing Journal Article Critiques

These seven analyses were written in early June for an undergraduate Marketing student. Six of them were submitted for academic credit. One of the six was retained for publication by the Professor, who, of course, awarded an 'A' to the student for the entire packet. The above link leads to the single, non-submitted article of the original seven, since the student for whom they were written has not yet completed his degree program.

An Informal Tribute to River Phoenix